Investment Properties
in Cyprus

Reputable developer companies
Residential real estate with high demand and rental price
Ability to sell quickly and profitably at a later date

Recommended investment properties in Cyprus

We only work with well-established, reputable developer companies in Cyprus. Our knowledge of the local real estate market's ins and outs enables you to benefit from a selection of investment properties that possess high liquidity and excellent rental potential.
All advantages of a luxury hotel, integrated in a private residential tower.
Property price:
from 1,5 mln €
Potential rental income
from 75 000 € / year
Esylia Park
A collection of innovative, modern eco-cottages for comfortable living in the Paphos area.
Property price:
from 250 000 €
Potential rental income
from 15 000 € / year
Minthis Hills
Mediterranean architecture and luxurious amenities paired with individualized five-star service.
Property price:
from 750 000 €
Potential rental income
from 35 000 € / year
Aurai Residences
Seaside villas and bungalows with splendid private pools and blossoming gardens.
Property price:
from 1 mln €
Potential rental income
from 50 000 € / year
Residential development with a landscaped patio, an enormous pool and a playground.
Property price:
from 700 000 €
Potential rental income
from 30 000 € / year
Coral Residences
Property price:
from 000 000 €
Potential rental income
from 00 000 € / year

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A reliable partner for managing your Cyprus property. We facilitate the process of obtaining the Cypriot citizenship.
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